Engine Diagnostics

All cars these days are controlled by an ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU is basically the cars computer/brain. This computer communicates and stores data from various parts of the vehicles engine and other components. As well as sending out information, the ECU also receives information from the engine and components.


Quite often there will be a fault in one or more parts of the car. These can sometimes be visible by a light on the dashboard which isn’t normally there. These lights are most commonly either Engine lights or SRS/Airbag lights. These are triggered by ‘Fault Codes’.


Using the latest technology, we can ‘plug in’ and scan your car and erase these fault codes. Not only can we clear these annoying lights, but we can diagnose and give you detailed information about any other faults your car may have and what is causing the fault. We do all scans at a very reasonably priced fixed price and have the most up to date software so we can run these tests on even the most latest makes/models.


When left untreated, these faults and their causes can turn into bigger problems which turns into bigger money once your mechanic gets hold of your car.


Please contact us today to arrange a diagnostic health check.  




We reprogram all vehicle components following a smash and replacement of components (ECU, Airbag, Sensors etc.). Please call us to discuss.